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What is "mma resin - environmentally friendly"

Website editor:Shanghai YiKe New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd. │ Issuing Time:2017-02-21

  Two-component acrylic resin is a non-volatile non-hazardous substances, solidification of the fast coating resin.

  1, the United States first developed a restricted solvent using the well-known 66 regulations and CAA regulations, requiring coatings to the water-based system transition to reduce the amount of solvent in the air solvent.

  2, Japan has enacted the "restrictions on harmful substances in the household goods laws", designated by the Ministry of Health to limit the use of prohibited substances. Will be in 2004 a comprehensive ban on the production and sale of solvent-based paint, improve the use of water-based paint.

  3, Germany in 1978 released the world's first environmental label, the provisions of paint, paint and other instructions on the use of marked in addition to the performance, but also must be marked health standards.

  China's forthcoming "civil construction, indoor environmental pollution control norms" also clearly require the use of residential decoration diluent and solvent, not the use of benzene, prohibit the use of benzene, formaldehyde, and gasoline for large-scale oil removal and removal of old oil operations The Residential decoration after indoor formaldehyde, benzene and other environmental indicators should meet the requirements, if the pollutants exceeded, the house can not be delivered.

  Two-component road marking is the world's marking, the type of marking in foreign countries has been applied very broad and mature, especially in Europe and the United States more harsh climate areas began to promote and use. The material is environmentally friendly, has good weather resistance, strong and lasting, strong adhesion, fast curing, and the construction is simple. In the country, although the two-component marking line has just started, but with its good durability, construction and comprehensive economy, will eventually replace the hot-melt marking and atmospheric-type acrylic marking.

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